Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cast of Characters

These are the Characters for my stories and a little bio for each:

Degore aka Deg~ Val Kilmar

Brumear aka Bru~Richard Armitage

Bru is the level headed one of the group- He is loyal, honorable, always does the right thing, has his eye on becoming Second In Command one day. Although he is level headed he has a temper and does curse-alot.

Bleoberis aka Beris- Vigo Mortenson

Beris- is the story teller- and talks non-stop.
Lamorak aka Rak- Jamie Campbell Bower

Safer-- Peter Mooney

Alynore aka Nor-- (Jake Gyllenhaal)-

Nor is younger brother to Tristan- he is alos a scout.  He is shy and quiet like his brother always flying under the radar-undected-  his favorite place is perched in any tree.
Elenor --Eva Green


Clara and Emond~~

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