Friday, May 13, 2011

A Young Knight's Desires

A Young Knight's Desires  follows a young Tristan as he finds first love, first heartbreak and first taste of blood.  Newly arrived from Sarmatia along with the rest of his brother's in arms young Tristan and the others try to make their way fumbling through youthful adolescence in this new life and new land they are forced to exist in.

Young Tristan- Adam Brown

Young Anais- Rachella Hood

Young Dagonet-Edward "Ed" Westwick

Young Gawain- Jason Dolley

Young Bors-

Young Arthur-Steven Strait

Young Lancelot- Anton Yelchin

Young Vanora-

Kai- Araon Johnson

Eva- Jess McGuire-

Valerie- Lauren Jones

Morlang from the story "A Lost Soul" - Liam Nelson

Moira from the "A Lost Soul" story- Lisa Edlstein

Young 7 year old Lorna-

Anna-Patrica raven

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  1. The actor you have for Young Bors is Jonathan Brandis. In case you didn't know.