Wednesday, April 27, 2011

To Love A Wolf

To Love a Wolf- the movie

Two lifes; two women and a shattered past. Can Tristan over come one to completely love again? He had better beware for there is another who desires what he desires.Tammara struggles with her feelings, she has  to chose, was it the right choice for her?

Chapter 10 was inspired by the song Memories by Within Temptation- see view in blog

Tristan- played by Mads Mikkelsen as in the movie-

Tamara-played by Pheobe Tonkins

Hanna-image from goggle website

Lujza-played by Kelly Minka

Crete- goggle image-

Gawain -played in the movie by Joel Edgerton

Inspiration for Gawain's loosing Tamara Chapter

Inspiration for upcoming chapter-I Never Told you Colbie Calliet

Unexpected Liaison

Unexpected Liaison-the moive

Our easy go lucky golden hair knight has his hands full as he meets the girl he truly loves. Reluctant to admit it to himself he struggles between what he desires and fulfilling his carnal needs. When he finally decides he is faced with the struggles of duty, honor and love, not to mention a father who thinks that no man is good enough for his daughter, especially when that man is a knight.

Gawain- played by Joel Edgerton in the movie

Helena-played by Sahsa Pieterse

Priscilla-played by Molly C. Quinn
Galahad- played by Hugh Dancy

William-played by Sean Bean

Caroline-played by Gina Gershon

Two Paths Crossed

If Two Paths Crossed was a movie:

Two Paths Crossed is a story that finds Tristan badly injured in Woad territory. He is found and rescued by Fiona and her daughter Rowan. There are those who would say she is a selchie woman (seal folklore) others who say she is a witch.  Either way the two of them together ignite into a firey passion that connot exist; they are both in a place that neither desires to be.

Fiona-played by Rhona Mirtra

Rowan-played by Lenna Milton

Tristan played in the movie by Mads Mikkelsen

Sèitheach -played by Adrain Paul

Teenage Rowan- Ivana Baquero

Teenage Lucan-Spencer Treat Clark

Iwain~Isaac Hempstead-Wright

Nor and Bren~ Max records

 Marcus and Aryas~ Jake Lloyd

Katie- Emmy Rossmun

Dagonet Ray Stevenson

Bru~ Richard Armitage

Inspirations for this story's upcoming chapters

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Lost Soul

Here is who I would have play my characters if  A Lost Soul was a movie:

A Lost Soul is a romantic tale about true love overcoming all obsticles. Lorna has been in Tristan's life since she was a child. She has loved him since then but he always thought of her as just a pest of a child. When she returns from Sarmatia after a four year abscence as a grown woman he sees her in a different light. This story follows his path in letting go of old haunting memories, tearing down the walls that he has built and finding he can have love, a family and happiness, especially when she is there to help him. Showing the scout that her love is unconditional and forever.

inspiration for chapter 36: Let it Be Me

Inspiration for chapter 37: Fallen

Lorna-played by Jessica Stroup

Tristan-played by of course Mads Mikkelsen-

Moira- played by Lisa Edlstein

Morlang-played by Liam Neeson

Sophie-played by Emile De Ravin

Lydia-played by Lisa Jkub

Marcin-played by Asa Butterfeild

Mary-played by Jodelle Ferland

Wiilow-played by Brooklyn Proulx

Helena-played by Sasha Pieterse
 Gawain-played as he is in the movie by Joel Edgerton

William-played by Sean Bean

Caorline- played by Gina Gershon

Evrain- picture from goggle website

Hayden-picture from google website

Rivalen-picture from goggle images

Claire-played by Lauren Leech

Abigail- played by Dakota Fanning

Dagonet-played as in the movie by Ray Steveson

Bors- in the movie played by Ray Winstone

Galahad- played by Hugh Dancy in the movie

Vanora-played in the movie by Dawn Bradfield

Arthur-played by Clive Owens int he movie

Lancelot-played by Ioan Gruffudd in the movie