Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Lost Soul

Here is who I would have play my characters if  A Lost Soul was a movie:

A Lost Soul is a romantic tale about true love overcoming all obsticles. Lorna has been in Tristan's life since she was a child. She has loved him since then but he always thought of her as just a pest of a child. When she returns from Sarmatia after a four year abscence as a grown woman he sees her in a different light. This story follows his path in letting go of old haunting memories, tearing down the walls that he has built and finding he can have love, a family and happiness, especially when she is there to help him. Showing the scout that her love is unconditional and forever.

inspiration for chapter 36: Let it Be Me

Inspiration for chapter 37: Fallen

Lorna-played by Jessica Stroup

Tristan-played by of course Mads Mikkelsen-

Moira- played by Lisa Edlstein

Morlang-played by Liam Neeson

Sophie-played by Emile De Ravin

Lydia-played by Lisa Jkub

Marcin-played by Asa Butterfeild

Mary-played by Jodelle Ferland

Wiilow-played by Brooklyn Proulx

Helena-played by Sasha Pieterse
 Gawain-played as he is in the movie by Joel Edgerton

William-played by Sean Bean

Caorline- played by Gina Gershon

Evrain- picture from goggle website

Hayden-picture from google website

Rivalen-picture from goggle images

Claire-played by Lauren Leech

Abigail- played by Dakota Fanning

Dagonet-played as in the movie by Ray Steveson

Bors- in the movie played by Ray Winstone

Galahad- played by Hugh Dancy in the movie

Vanora-played in the movie by Dawn Bradfield

Arthur-played by Clive Owens int he movie

Lancelot-played by Ioan Gruffudd in the movie

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