Wednesday, April 27, 2011

To Love A Wolf

To Love a Wolf- the movie

Two lifes; two women and a shattered past. Can Tristan over come one to completely love again? He had better beware for there is another who desires what he desires.Tammara struggles with her feelings, she has  to chose, was it the right choice for her?

Chapter 10 was inspired by the song Memories by Within Temptation- see view in blog

Tristan- played by Mads Mikkelsen as in the movie-

Tamara-played by Pheobe Tonkins

Hanna-image from goggle website

Lujza-played by Kelly Minka

Crete- goggle image-

Gawain -played in the movie by Joel Edgerton

Inspiration for Gawain's loosing Tamara Chapter

Inspiration for upcoming chapter-I Never Told you Colbie Calliet

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