Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Paths Crossed

If Two Paths Crossed was a movie:

Two Paths Crossed is a story that finds Tristan badly injured in Woad territory. He is found and rescued by Fiona and her daughter Rowan. There are those who would say she is a selchie woman (seal folklore) others who say she is a witch.  Either way the two of them together ignite into a firey passion that connot exist; they are both in a place that neither desires to be.

Fiona-played by Rhona Mirtra

Rowan-played by Lenna Milton

Tristan played in the movie by Mads Mikkelsen

Sèitheach -played by Adrain Paul

Teenage Rowan- Ivana Baquero

Teenage Lucan-Spencer Treat Clark

Iwain~Isaac Hempstead-Wright

Nor and Bren~ Max records

 Marcus and Aryas~ Jake Lloyd

Katie- Emmy Rossmun

Dagonet Ray Stevenson

Bru~ Richard Armitage

Inspirations for this story's upcoming chapters

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